City Book Room, founded on December 9, 2014, is an independent Chinese bookstore in Singapore. Its founder, Tan Waln Ching, developed a passion for books early in her professional life. Besides working at a local publishing house, she also spent several years subsequently at the Grassroots Book Room managed by the renowned writer and Cultural Medallion recipient, Mr Yeng Pway Ngon.

Books have been an indispensable part of Waln Ching's life. After Mr Yeng ended his tenure at the Grassroots Book Room, Waln Ching ventured out on her own to establish City Book Room. She aims to promote a diverse array of works primarily in local literature, history, and social commentary, thereby revitalising Singapore's book industry and offering readers high-quality humanities literature.

In 2022, City Book Room relocated from North Bridge Road to its new home on Joo Chiat Road, a place rich in stories and history. Although the space is a modest 452 square meters, it encapsulates Waln Ching's grand vision for the bookstore. Each book displayed holds great significance to Waln Ching, cherished like her own children.

Over the years, Waln Ching has also leveraged City Book Room as a platform to champion local authors and their works through publishing. Works by local authors such as Yeng Pway Ngon, Wong Koi Tet, Liu Su, Tan Chee Lay, Neo Hai Bin, Teoh Hee La, Liu Peifang, Soon Ai Ling, Sui Ting, Li Qingsong, and others can be found here.

Additionally, the City Book Room sporadically hosts a range of arts and cultural events, making it a dynamic hub for reader engagement and intellectual exchange.

This is City Book Room — a reading haven in a corner of the city curated by Waln Ching, where books meet readers.