Life After: Oral Histories of The May 13 Incident


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        Life After: Oral Histories of The May 13 Incident

        Life After: Oral Histories of The May 13 Incident


        By Members of the May 13 Oral History Group

        Published by Gerak Budaya


        “As May 13, 1969 has lived on as one of Malaysia’s most iconic moments of political transition and change, it deserves to be told and retold through many lenses and by many interlocutors. How did those palpably touched by the ordeal, and lost friends, neighbours and family members survive the aftermath of the violence? As the narrators in this book recount these experiences, they weigh and judge the history of the nation, from below. This book thus makes for a powerful read, laying the groundwork for the possibility of public reconciliation and private closure of a painful national memory.”

        Maznah Mohamad (National University of Singapore)

        “‘Never again!’ ‘It’s too painful!’ ‘They also hacked the woman to death and dumped her inside the house too!’ These are some of

        the heart-wrenching sentiments and blood-curdling narratives captivated in this book…a much-needed collection of first-hand memories of ordinary people who survived the unspeakable violence of Malaysia’s May 13 racial riots. A must-read, especially for students and scholars of identity politics and communal violence, and generally, for all who appreciate the value of oral history and memory studies.”

        Sharifah Munirah Alatas (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

        The Chinese edition of the book could be purchased here.

        Members of the May 13 Oral History Group

        Tham Seen Hau is a Kuala Lumpur-based video journalist. She is also a second-generation family member of five victims who died in the May 13 riots.

        Usen Leong is currently a senior lecturer at the Drama and Visuals Department of New Era University College.

        Tung Wan Qing is currently a media lecturer in a private college. She has just co-published with friends a book on media literacy in June 2022.

        Por Heong Hong is a social scientist who studies politics of memory.